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Required Video Concepts & Hashtags
Required Video Concepts & Hashtags
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Video concepts & hashtags are required to be used:

If the sound includes a video concept and/or hashtags, they must be used for your video to be accepted. You will see the concept after hitting, "use this sound".

This means that if the sound has a concept that does not fit with the type of videos you make, you should not use this sound.

For example, if the concept is "Do this specific dance in this video" and you do not make dance videos, you should not submit a video.

If you make a video that does not use the concept and include the hashtags, it will not be approved.

Why is it required?

Playlist Push is a platform where independent artists pay to run campaigns that promote their music. It is our mission to create the platform that best serves them.

Artists have asked us to make the concept required for creators to use because they want to run campaigns that have consistency throughout the videos.

All videos must follow all guidelines

Videos must always follow all guidelines. Remember, the purpose of the video is to promote the artists songs in a positive light.

Thanks for understanding and being a great member of the team.

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