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Creator Video Guidelines

Required guidelines for all videos.

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Violating any guidelines may lead to immediate removal from the platform and forfeiting of payments.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to help independent artists:

  • The goal for TikTok campaigns is to get our artist's music in the ears of potential new fans.

  • Playlist Push is meant only for creators that want to help artists promote their music.

Please review these guidelines carefully. These apply to videos using our artist's sounds.

Do not promote Playlist Push or how to get paid from TikTok in your videos using our sounds.

No Voiceovers. Keep the sound volume at 50% or higher.

Expected Activity

✅ Make High-Quality Videos Using the Artist's Sound

✅ Keep the Artist’s sound at 50% or higher

✅ Videos are at least 10 Seconds Long

✅ Follow artists video concepts

✅ Make Original Videos (no still images or screenshots, or existing videos)

✅ Keep ALL video sharing settings turned on (social, duet, stitch, etc)

✅ Keep comments on videos turned on

Prohibited Activity

Creators engaging in these activities (when using our artist's sounds) risk their account to be removed from the platform.

❌ No videos about Playlist Push or getting paid for videos

❌ No Voiceovers (speaking over the song) - Sound must be at 50% or higher

❌ Not Following artists video concepts

❌ No Videos less than 10 seconds long

❌ No Videos Responding to Comments

❌ No promoting other products or contests/giveaways

❌ No self-promotion of your other social media channels (IG, YT, etc.)

❌ Videos that are still images or screenshots, or existing videos

❌ Videos that are not your own

❌ Deleting or privating videos before 6 weeks has passed

❌ Inappropriate, lewd, or malicious videos, no nudity of any kind

❌ Contacting our artists via other websites, platforms, or apps.

Your account can be removed immediately and any outstanding balance forfeited for any violation of the guidelines at anytime.

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