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How the TikTok Creator Referral program works?
How the TikTok Creator Referral program works?

How to get paid for referring creators to sign up for Playlist Push.

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How creator referrals work?

With the TikTok Creator Referral Program you earn $50 for each creator that signs up for Playlist Push using your referral link and submits 3 approved videos.

Where to find your referral link?

1) Log in and go to your referrals page.

2) Then you will see your custom link in the box below.

Tip: shorten your link with or use if you have multiple links in your bio.

When will you receive your referral payments?

$50 added to your balance for each creator that signs up using your referral link after the creator has submitted 3 videos to Playlist Push that are approved.

Videos are approved after 7 days, this means you can expect to receive your payment 7 days after their 3rd video is submitted.

Is there a limit to how much you can make from referrals?

Nope. There is no limit.

Someone you referred is on the waitlist, what does that mean?

This is normal. All signups will be placed on a waitlist until a spot opens up for them. Note: Being placed on the waitlist does not guarantee the creator will be accepted into the Playlist Push network.

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