Keys to a Successful TikTok Campaign
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1) Customize your TikTok sound clip

On TikTok, you promote a snippet not the full song. Most videos made are 10-15 seconds long, so you want to choose the part of your song that is the catchiest, most memorable, or fits the concept you are looking to push.

It's most important to have the snippet start at the exact moment you want your videos to start.

Customizing your snippet needs to be done through your distributor. Or you can upload a video manually. More details below:

Note: Depending on your distributor, they may send a 15, 30, or 60 second clip to TikTok. However, most TikTokers will use only the first 10-15 seconds of your clip.

2) Determine an engaging video concept (recommended)

Having a concept can serve two purposes. First, it creates consistency across your videos and gives you some more control over the content. Second, it gives you a chance to create a trend on TikTok.

Overall Tips for Video Concepts:

  • Keep your description short (1-3 sentences)

  • Make sure it’s easy to understand and easy for the creator to do

  • Be very clear with your words (avoid vague language)

  • Avoid overly complex or hard to execute ideas (i.e. asking them to change into a specific outfit or travel somewhere in the video)

For more details on creating a concept read Creating a Video Concept

3) Amplify Your Top Videos

One of the best parts of running a TikTok campaign is all of the content that is created. Each video is kind of like a 15 second music video.

Sharing your top videos on social media is a great way to amplify the message.

4) Extend Your Campaign to Build Momentum

Once your campaigns is out of budget, you will have the option to extend your campaign by adding more budget to it. You can also update the concept and hashtags during the checkout process.

5) Become a creator on TikTok

If you are outgoing and like to share behind the scenes content with your fans starting a TikTok account is great idea. When you run a campaign you can anchor it to your TikTok and continue to grow your account and music career all at once!

How TikTok Campaigns Work Video:

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