How to change your TikTok snippet

There Are 2 Ways To Change Your Sound Clip On TikTok. Make Sure Your TikTok Clip Starts At The Right Place Before Your Campaign Launches

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Important Notes Before getting started:

1) Any changes to your snippet must be done before your campaign launches
2) Make sure your TikTok Sound starts at the exact point you want all videos to start

3) Videos may not use the full sound snippet, most videos will be 10-15 seconds

How to Change your TikTok Snippet:

Method 1: Update Snippet Via Your Distributor (Recommended)

Most distributors will now let you make this change by logging in to your account.

Simply update it through your distributor's dashboard and wait for this update to go live on TikTok.

Method 2: Manually Upload a TikTok Video with your Snippet

If you're not using the TikTok sound link provided by your distributor, or you want an option that is faster to change the sound clip, you can use the method below.

  1. Upload a video to your channel using a snippet of your song as the audio.

  2. Once you do this, TikTok will create a “sound” from the video. Once your video is uploaded, just tap on the sound, then edit the name of the sound to your artist name + song name.

  3. Hit the share button to copy the link.

Note: with method #2 the sound will not be linked or tracked through your distributor.

What is your TikTok Sound Snippet?

On TikTok you promote a snippet not the full song. Most videos are 10-15 seconds long, so choose the part of your song that is the catchiest, most memorable, or that fits the concept you are looking to push. How to Find Your Sound Link

What portion of the song should I pick?

This could mean showcasing certain lyrics, or a portion of the instrumental you think TikTokers would love to dance to.

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