After submitting your application (see how to apply FAQ for details). Click the purple “Schedule Campaign Button” on your "Track Accepted Email". Then follow the steps below to schedule your campaign.

1) Select Your Genres 

On this page, select 3-5 artists that are most similar to your song's musical style. You can use the search bar, or the suggested artists list.

Once you have selected 5 artists, you will see the genres for targeting populate.

To exclude any genres that you don't believe are a good fit, just hit the cancel sign next to the genre.

In the bottom right, you will also see "Related/Suggested" genres that you can select. Additionally you can use the "Search for genres" search bar to add genres manually. 

After reviewing your list of genres, click 'Save & Continue'

3) Select Price and Matching 

On the page below you can select your package, pricing, start date, and make edits to your genre list.

Note: as you adjust the slider, your Campaign Price and Estimated # of Playlists will update.

Select Your Start Date

Clicking the date shown under “Launch Date". The date shown will be the earliest campaign date that is available for the genres you have selected. You can leave this date, or select a later date from the calendar.

Note: your campaign start date is the day your track will be sent out to curators. You can view the How long will my campaign run for? article for more details on the campaign process.

Review/Edit Your Genres

To make any changes to your genres, click the "Edit Genres" button on the bottom left of the page. This will take you back to the previous page, where you can make edits. Note: editing your genres will affect your campaign pricing and number of playlists targets.

After reviewing your list of genres, click 'Save & Continue'

4) Complete Your Payment

Enter your payment info and click the green button in the bottom right.

Note: Your reservation date will be held for 12 hours.

Note: To make any changes to your campaign before paying click "Change Date / Campaign Size"

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