How long will my Spotify campaign run for?

Campaigns run for 2 weeks, however, curators will often keep your song on their playlists after the campaign for weeks or months at no cost.

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Your campaign will begin on your campaign start date and will run for 2 weeks (14 days). Below is an overview of the campaign process.

1) Campaign Launch: Your Song is sent to Playlist Curators

On the first day of your campaign, your song will be sent out to all of the curators in the genres you have selected during campaign setup

2) The Playlist Curators Review Your Song

Each curator have the option to review your song within two weeks and determine if they want to add it to their playlist. 

You will receive feedback from each curator that reviews your song (examples below):

3) Curators Can Place Your Song

After reviewing your song, each Curator can decide if they want to add it to their playlist. Each time a curator adds your song to their playlist, you will receive an email from Playlist Push confirming that you have been added (example email below):

4) After the campaign ends, will my song stay on each playlist?

After the 2 weeks is complete, some curators will decide to leave your song on their playlist for days, weeks, or months after the campaign is over, while others will remove it sooner. This decision is completely up to the curator. You can view the “How long will my song stay on each playlist?” FAQ for more detail.

5) Viewing your campaign results.

After the campaign, you can view your campaign results on the results tab of your campaign dashboard. Here you can also respond to each review.

Note: Curators are not required or incentivized to add songs to their playlists. Campaigns do not guarantee any placements.

Ready to apply for a campaign?

Just got to the Playlist Push Application Page, login, and submit your info. For more details on the Application process, you can checkout our article "How do I apply for a campaign?"

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