After submitting your application (see how to apply FAQ for details). Click the purple “Schedule Campaign Button” on your "Track Accepted Email". Then follow the steps below to schedule your campaign.

Step 1. Select Your Playlists 

On this page, select 3-5 Playlists that are most fitting of your song's musical style. These can be user generated or Spotify official playlists.

Selecting a playlist does not mean you are submitting to that playlist, we use this selection to find similar playlists in our network.

Once you have selected enough playlists, you will see the best matching playlists in our network populate.

Step 2. Make Sure The Playlists Match Your Music

Use the "Great" option to add one of the already matched playlists to your selection in order to match more playlists like that one. Once you see 10 playlists that fit your music, select "Yes They All Fit".

Step 3. Choose The Amount of Playlists You'd Like To Target

After reviewing your list of playlists, click 'Save & Continue'

Step 4. Select Launch Date 

Select Your Start Date

We will show you the next launch day, you will also have the option to select a date further out if your track will not be released by the first available day.

Note: your campaign start date is the day your track will be sent out to curators. You can view the How long will my campaign run for? article for more details on the campaign process.

Step 5. Complete Your Payment

First Review your campaign settings and the campaign refund policy, then click "proceed to payment". You can complete the payment on the following page.

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