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How "Unlockable Rewards" Sounds Work
How "Unlockable Rewards" Sounds Work
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For sounds that show "Unlockable Rewards" fees are paid based on how many views your video gains.

Max Rewards up to $250

Fees start at $10 and go up to $250 depending on the size of the campaign. You will see “Max Rewards” associated with each sound.

When will your fee be determined for each video?

After you submit a video and it begins generating views, you will see you on your my videos page as you hit each new view/fee tier, you will unlock a higher budget.

Your video will be able to unlock a fee until the entire budget for that sound has been spent across all of the videos submitted.

What happens if your video gets enough views to unlock a reward after the campaign budget is already spent?

You will only unlock/receive the reward if your video receives the views prior to the campaign budget being spent.

Any Video View Manipulation (i.e. buying views, inauthentic activity) Prohibited

Any view manipulation, buying views, bot views, or any other inauthentic activity is prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the platform and forfeiting of fees.

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