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How to rate your TikTok videos
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When you run a TikTok campaign, you can rate each video that you receive from 1-5 stars on your results page. Rating videos allows you reject videos, award winners, and provide valuable.

How to rate a video

Go to your results page and click on the star rating scale next to a video. Then select your rating in the panel that appears.

Rating 1 or 2 stars enables the video rejection button

When a new video is posted, you have 72 hours to reject the video for a valid reason. To reject a video, you must rate it 1 or 2 stars and then select your reason.

For more details see: How To Reject TikTok Videos

Rating 5 stars enables the "Top Video Winner" button

You can award one video as the "Top Video Winner".

Simply rate a video 5 stars to enable the "Select as winner" button. You can change your selection by selecting a different video as your winner.

The benefit of rating all of your videos?

In addition to enabling rejections and awarding Top Video Winners, Rating Improves the Platform: Rating all of your videos provides valuable feedback that we use to improve the platform and the quality of the videos.

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