How to reject TikTok videos

During a live campaign, you will have 72 hours to reject any videos that don't follow the provided concept

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When a new video is created you have the ability to reject it within 72 hours. Each video will be auto-approved after 72 hours from the time it was posted.

Rejecting a video for "Did not follow concept" (only available if you entered a concept) or "Cannot hear my sound" will return the fee from that video back to your campaign, after Playlist Push has confirmed the rejection was valid.

Important: If you a reject a video, the creator will likely delete the video from TikTok

How to reject a video?

Go to your results page and click on the star rating scale next to a video. Then select your rating in the panel that appears.

Rate 1 or 2 stars to enable the video rejection button:

To reject a video, you must rate it 1 or 2 stars and then select your reason. Then hit the "Reject Video Button"

Reasons allowed for rejecting videos:

  • The video does not follow your concept (only available if you entered a concept)

  • Volume of your song is reduced or they are talking over your song

Rejecting a video will prevent the creator from being paid, and this budget will be used for another video on your campaign.

Playlist Push reviews all rejections:

Playlist Push will review all rejections for "not following concept" or "couldn't hear the sound". Once the rejection is reviewed and determined to be valid the budget from the video will be returned to your campaign to be used on another video for you.

Rejections for "I don't like the video":

As shown in the yellow message from the screenshot below "I don't like the video" or will not return the budget to the campaign.

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