What genres should I select for my campaign?

Help deciding what genres to select on the campaign set-up page.

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Background information regarding genre selection:

The genres you select during the campaign set-up process are very important. They determine how your campaign is sorted, and what curators and playlists will receive your song. It is crucial to make sure you have the correct genres selected so that you aren't submitted to playlists and curators that are not looking for your type of music.

Important details about the campaign set-up process:

The "related artists" section of the campaign set-up page is just a method to help you find genres for your campaign. The campaign targeting does not take into account which artists you select, ONLY the genres you select.

Selecting the right genres is more important than selecting the most genres. The campaign does not have a better chance of getting playlist placements simply because it has more genre targets.

The campaign will be sent to playlists that include ANY of the genres you select, so please be sure that the genres you have selected DIRECTLY APPLY to the song.

Strategy for picking your genres:

When inputting the "related artists," you will see that genres pop up based on the artists you selected. Work through each of those genres to determine if they are a good fit for your music specifically, and not just a good fit for the related artists.

Some genres are very broad. It is better to have a very narrowed selection of subgenres, than a selection of broad genres. Examples of broad genres include: pop, rock, rap, hip hop, etc.

Instead of selecting the broad genres, think about the subgenres within those genres. Examples of subgenres include: bedroom pop, alternative rock, gangster rap, underground hip hop etc.

Tips for Identifying Your Niche Genres

  • Use "The Sound Of" playlists to determine your genres - more details

  • Use Playlist Push Similar Artists Tool: Use our free campaign setup process to find relevant sub-genres.

  • Simply apply for a campaign and during the genre selection you can input similar artists, which will then give you genre suggestions. Then use Every Noise to verify this genre matches your music.

It's okay to include the broad genres, but we ask that you make sure your song fits into those broad genres.

Examples of solid genre-targeting:

Song: "drivers license"

Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Genres: pop, modern indie pop, la indie, indie cafe pop, alternative pop

Song: "Potato Salad"

Artist: Tyler, The Creator

Genres: abstract hip hop, alternative hip hop, cali rap, conscious hip hop, underground hip hop, underground rap

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