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How to use "The Sound Of [Insert Genre]" playlists to determine your genres
How to use "The Sound Of [Insert Genre]" playlists to determine your genres

Help determine which genres are a fit for your campaign

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When you are selecting the genres for your campaign, you may want further clarification on what each genre sounds like. 

Using "The Sound of" genre playlists on Spotify are a great way to do this. They allow you to sample music from each Spotify genre.

This allows you to get familiar with any genre and determine which are a fit for you.

Below is an example of how to use "The Sound Of [Insert Genre]" playlists when setting up a campaign:

1) During campaign setup, you see a genre you’re unfamiliar with (i.e. “chillwave”)

2) Go to the Spotify and search "The Sound Of [Insert Genre]"

Enter your genre and search, then a playlist for that genre will pop up under "The Sounds of Spotify" user profile. From there, you can take a listen and see if your song is associated with that genre.

For example if you search "The Sound of Chillwave" you'll see the playlist below appear, and you can listen to the songs to see if this genre is a fit for your campaign.

That's it! 

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