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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Creator Account
Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Creator Account

How to be a great creator and make sure your account stays in good standing.

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Remember, Playlist Push is a service to help artists promote their music:

  • The artists expect that creators will be making videos that promote their song in a positive way to a relevant audience.

Always put the artist first:

  • Artists are paying to promote their song and make their concept come alive on TikTok. It’s important to remember this when choosing sounds and making videos.

  • Our service is successful and everyone wins when artists receive the type of videos they want.

Only choose sounds & concepts that fit your channel:

  • Please only select music that you like and think your followers will enjoy too.

  • Please only select concepts that are a fit for your style and channel.

Always follow video concepts & guidelines:

  • Please always follow concepts and do not select sounds where the concept is not a fit for you.

  • Not following a concept will lead to rejected videos and forfeiting of the video fee. Also, doing the bare minimum to appear to do a concept can lead to rejected videos.

  • Please make sure to follow all creator guidelines.

Thanks for understanding and being a great creator!

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