Creating a Custom Video Concept

Tips for creating concepts that work well for TikTok campaigns.

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Tips for Custom Video Concepts:

  • Keep your description short (1-3 sentences)

  • Make sure it’s easy to understand and easy for the creator to do

  • Be very clear with your words (avoid vague language)

  • Avoid overly complex or hard-to-execute ideas (i.e. asking them to change into a specific outfit or travel somewhere in the video)

Simple concepts perform the best. Requiring dances or detailed requests (i.e. outfit changes) may lead to fewer creators using your sound.

Note: Method #1 has been the top performing method on our campaigns.

Method #1 - Describe a general theme for the video

Instead of making a specific concept, you can describe the theme, feel or emotion of the videos you want to be made. If you don’t have a specific concept, or you want to give the TikTokers more creative freedom, this is a great option.

  • Example 1: Make a feel-good video about someone or something you love

  • Example 2: Make a nostalgic video about your dog, family, or friends.

Method #2 - Write out a specific concept

If you have a specific idea for a video concept that you believe will work well and want to have a lot of consistency throughout your videos, this method is best. If possible, include an example video for the creator to reference.

Note: if you use a very specific concept make sure it is still easy and feasible to execute for creators.

  • Example: Stare at the camera and wait for the part of the song when they say “Grrr”, then make the “Grrrr” face like a dog. Please reference this example video.

Tip #1 - Winning concepts are easy for creators to execute

As a general rule, the easier your concept, the more people will get involved.

We do not Recommend the following (more difficult to execute):

  • Learning a dance or creating a dance

  • Changing clothes or putting on makeup

  • Requiring multiple people to be involved

  • Acting out a specific skit

  • Driving to a specific location

You want ideas that are easy to get big TikTok influencers onboard AND the masses that follow them.

Tip #2 - Winning concepts allow TikTokers creative freedom to make the videos feel natural to their channel

  • Allowing creators room to adapt the concept to their channel is one of the secrets to a successful campaign.

  • This makes it easier for more people to get involved, and these videos tend to get the most views.

Tip #3 - Refine your initial idea into a winning concept (example)

Here's an example of how to refine your idea into a concept that is set up for success.

Example Concept Before Tweaking:
Hard to execute & little creative freedom (don’t do this)

"Make a montage of 10 things you learned from 2020 using the green screen effect with a montage of images from throughout the year."

Example Concept After Tweaking:
Easy to execute & leaves room for creativity (do this):

"Share one thing you learned from 2020. Using the green screen effect or making a montage of images from throughout the year is optional."

The difference: The first version asks for 10 the things they learned - (coming up with that list could be difficult) and it requires them to make a montage using the green-screen effect. The revised version asks for just one thing and makes the additional pieces optional.

Will your concept always be used by the creators?

Creators will be asked to follow your concept, however, it is the artist's responsibility to review videos that are posted. You will have the ability to reject videos that do not follow your concept.

If you reject a video for a valid reason the budget will return to your campaign for more videos to be made.

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