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Tips for Affiliates and Referrals
Tips for Affiliates and Referrals

Detailed tips to promote your affiliate and referral links

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Below are tips and recommendations for how to use your referral link and drive the most signups and income.

First, No Spam Tactics - spamming of any type will lead to immediate removal from the program. These tactics will not be successful and it is very important that you represent the Playlist Push brand appropriately and accurately. 

Secondly, it's not allowed to run any type of ads with the affiliate link, that means no Google Ads, Facebook Promoted Post, Instagram Paid Stories or anything similar.

All of your efforts should be targeted and your communication thoughtful. Your goal is to reach independent artists or qualified playlist curators. Please make sure you are familiar with Playlist Push and review our website

Overall Messaging Strategy:

You can customize your messaging as needed, however keep in mind the following:

  • For Artists, you are offering an opportunity to use Playlist Push to grow their music career by getting on targeted Spotify playlists. Additionally, you are offering them a discount to use the platform.

  • For Curators, you are offering an opportunity to monetize their playlists while discovering new music.

Top Tips for Generating Referral Signups:

Social Media

  • Post to your own personal and/or business pages with helpful messaging relevant to artists & curators


  • On relevant forums (including music subreddits on - that are music related - you can thoughtfully explain Playlist Push and include your referral link


  • If you run a blog, you can write a blog post explaining/reviewing playlist Push and include your referral link. 

Email Signatures

  • Include your referral link in your email signature. For example you could hyperlink “Promote Your Music with Playlist Push” to your referral link


  • If you have a YouTube Channel - you can make a video explaining/reviewing playlist Push and include your referral link. 

  • Additionally, you can add your Playlist Push referral link in the all of descriptions on the relevant videos on your channel

Company Website

  • On your company website you can add Playlist Push to your list of partners or add a “Playlist Promotion” link or page.

Email List

  • If you have an email list that includes artists or curators, you can write a dedicated email explaining/reviewing playlist Push and include your referral link. 

  • Additionally you can add your Playlist Push referral link to the footer of all of your email newsletters.

Comments Sections

  • Commenting on relevant online articles, blog posts, or YouTube videos can be a useful strategy, however you must be thoughtful in your messaging and do not Spam.

Face-to-Face / Word-of-Mouth / Events

  • Anytime you are meeting with artists or curators in person or at events is a great time to share about Playlist Push. You can text or email them your referral link or coupon code. 

Thanks for your support of spreading Playlist Push! If you have general questions about the affiliate program, checkout the articles below. 

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