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When are my affiliate / referral commission payments sent?
When are my affiliate / referral commission payments sent?

Payments are processed 4 weeks after each campaign finishes.

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When you refer an artist and they run their first campaign, your commission payment (referral reward) will be processed 6 weeks after their campaign start date. During this 6-week period, your payment will appear as “pending” in your account dashboard. 

We are required to include this 6-week pending period to ensure that each artist’s payment is completed without out any banking issues including insufficient funds or fraudulent credit card use. 

Please note: the 6-week time period does not begin when the artist pays for the campaign, it begins when their campaign starts. This means your total wait time from the time the artist pays, may be longer than 6-weeks. 

For more information on how the affiliate / referral program works checkout the article below or review the information on the “Referrals” tab of your PlaylistPush account.

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