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Connecting your Spotify Account to Playlist Push
Connecting your Spotify Account to Playlist Push

This article explains why connecting your Spotify account is required.

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When you sign up as a curator you will be asked to connect your Spotify account.

Why do you need to connect your Spotify account?

Connecting your Spotify Account is required for our platform to work properly and to provide the best user experience for curators.

First, it allows us to analyze your playlists to determine if they qualify for the platform and to provide accurate stat tracking. Additionally, it allows you to use the platform seamlessly to add songs directly from Playlist Push.

Below are some examples of how the review system works once you're connected:

While we understand some people prefer not to connect their Spotify account, this is required for the platform to work properly. Your account connection is not used for anything outside of providing the best user experience. Over 3,000 curators work with Playlist Push by connecting their Spotify accounts without any issues.

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