If you own a Spotify playlist that meets all of our minimum requirements, joining PlaylistPush as a curator can be a great opportunity for you. Below are some of the key benefits.

Monetize your playlist:

You’ve done a great job building a successful playlist, now you can get paid to review new music for your playlist. Hundreds of curators have already made money with Playlist Push. You’ll get paid for each song you review, and will be paid out weekly.

Discover great new music:

As a curator for Playlist Push you will receive songs to review from artists that are aligned with your playlist genre. Artists applying for campaigns are typically very serious about their craft, and include both independent and major label artists. Becoming a curator is a great way to source new music for your playlist.

You are in complete control of playlist adds:

As a curator you are in complete control of which tracks you choose to add to your playlists. It’s extremely important that curators maintain 100% creative control. 

Note: Curators are not required or incentivized to add songs to their playlists. Campaigns do not guarantee any placements.

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