Can I geo-target my TikTok campaign?

Yes. Currently geo-targeting is offered to the following regions:

  • United States

  • Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand

  • Europe

  • Latin America

Will my TikTok sound be matched to specific TikTok creators?

Currently, the platform does not match your sound to specific creators. Instead your sound will be made available to use by all of our top creators and they will choose which sounds and concepts to use based on what resonates with them.

Note: In general, creators will choose the sounds and concepts that resonate with them, so your song and concept will influence who uses the concept.

Can I target a specific niche of creators on my TikTok campaign?

Currently, we do not offer niche targeting as a feature built into the platform, however you can still influence who will use your sound by adding instructions in your concept.

How to specify a target audience of TikTok creators in your concept:

If there is a specific niche audience you are looking to reach or an audience you would like to avoid, you can specify this in your concept. For example: you could add the note "Female accounts only" to your concept. However, more specific targeting may lead to less videos being created.

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