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Do TikTok campaigns lead to Spotify Streams?
Do TikTok campaigns lead to Spotify Streams?
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There are many examples of TikTok views leading to Spotify streams, however, this is not the primary purpose of a TikTok campaign and this cross-platform behavior is very unpredictable.

If your primary goal is to grow your Spotify presence, we recommend running a Playlist Push Spotify Campaign.

TikTok campaigns are best for building the presence of your music on TikTok, reaching potential new fans at scale, and generating social video content using your songs. TikTok campaigns provide the opportunity to go viral, however this is also quite unpredictable and not to be expected.

While tracking behavior from TikTok to Spotify is very difficult, there are some tactics to get TikTok viewers to go stream your music.

Tips for Converting your TikTok viewers to Spotify listeners

  1. You MUST pick the catchiest part of your song to feature

  2. Create a concept that is memorable and related to the song

  3. Amplify your top videos by sharing them on social media

  4. Put Spotify links in your TikTok Bio (If you have this feature enabled)

  5. Comment on top videos

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