The “Pass on this song” feature allows you to pass on tracks that you do not want to review or do not have time to review. More details below:

  • When you select “Pass on this song”, the track will be sent to another curator and you will gain reputation points instead of losing points for letting the song expire. 

  • Once you pass, you will no longer have the ability to review the song.

  • You can only pass on a song within 7 days of receiving it.

Also, this feature allows you to block specific artists in the future, so that you will no longer receive music from them. Just select the “Block this Artist” box before clicking submit.

What’s the benefit to you for passing on a song?

This allows you to avoid losing reputation points for songs that expire in your account, instead you will gain points. 

How to pass on a song:

1) Click “Pass on this” song

2) Select your reason

3) Hit Submit

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