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How to maintain a healthy curator account

Helpful info for curators to ensure their account is always in good status

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To be a great Playlist Push curator, you must care about the artists and care about your listeners. 

Caring about the artists means that you listen intently, give great feedback, and add songs that fit your playlists. 

Caring about your listeners means that you update your playlist regularly, you ensure you're providing them a great listening experience. It also means that you take steps to grow your following and attract new listeners.

Provide quality feedback

Always let an artist know what you did or did not like about a song. Always let artists know why you did or did not add their song to your playlist. Do not give 4 or 5-Star reviews to songs that you will not add to your playlist. Provide constructive feedback.

Reviews should always be unique to the song - never provide duplicate or copied reviews to multiple songs. Read How to write high-quality reviews for more details.

Be an active member of Playlist Push

While you are not required to listen to and review every song that you receive, we strongly encourage you to do this. Each artist is paying to send you their song, and we want to provide them with the most value and helpful feedback.

Note: you are not required to add any songs.

Maintain and grow your playlist following

The more active listeners that your playlist has, the more you will earn with Playlist Push, and the more impact you can provide for artists. Maintain and grow your following organically to increase your clout on Playlist Push. This means keep your followers engaged, regularly updating your playlist and actively growing your base. Please note, any attempts to grow your playlist using fake listeners, bots, or any other method that falls outside our guidelines will lead to immediate removal from the network.

Always follow the Curator Guidelines

The Curator Guidelines are designed to provide the best service for artists and curators. When you join Playlist Push you will be advised of all of the do’s and don’ts of being a curator. It’s very important that you continue to adhere to the guidelines at all times. Any time the guidelines are not followed you may be removed from the network immediately and forfeit your balance. We must be strict with our policies to ensure the highest quality network of curators and the best customer experience for artists.

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