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How does Playlist Push work for Curators?

An overview of the platform for curators.

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Playlist Push for Curators - the basics:

Curators are paid to review new music and decide if it fits their playlist. This is a great opportunity to find new music, monetize your playlist, and support independent artists. Curator’s should only apply if they meet all of our required qualifications.

Please note: our vetting process for new curators is very strict to ensure the highest quality playlists. We are looking for curators that love music, supporting independent artists, and care about providing great songs for their listeners. Curators that do not meet our standards or violate any policies will not be accepted.

What is the process for receiving and reviewing songs?

Once you are accepted as a curator, you will receive a login to your curator dashboard. There, you will begin to receive songs for review. You will be prompted to leave feedback for each artist along with your decision to add or not add to your playlist.

Songs are out sent to curators each time an artist launches a new Playlist Push campaign. You will only receive songs that match the genres in your playlists.

How are your playlist genres determined?

The songs in your playlist will be automatically matched to Spotify’s catalog of over 1,800 genres. This method of auto-detection provides a highly accurate matching system that allows artists to target based on both large and niche genres.

How many songs will I receive?

You will receive a song each time someone runs a campaign that targets the genre or genres in your playlist. The amount of campaigns that artists run targeting your genres will determine the amount of songs you will receive - this means the amount can vary greatly. This also means that the amount of songs will fluctuate - some weeks may be more active than others.

How do curators get paid?

Curators are compensated for each song reviewed. The amount paid per song is based on the amount of listeners you have on your playlist and your activity - we determine this with our Reputation Score. Depending on your Reputation Score - your payment can range from $1.25 up to $15 per song. The more followers and active listeners your playlist has, and the more active you are on Playlist Push, the higher your payout will be.

Note: Curators are not required or incentivized to add songs to their playlists. Campaigns do not guarantee any placements.

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