How to setup a campaign rerun

How to reach more playlists by setting up a campaign rerun

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After your campaign finishes you can easily setup a campaign rerun to reach more playlists.

The benefits of launching a campaign rerun:

  • Extend your reach: The rerun is a great opportunity to build additional momentum for your song. Our system automatically excludes all curators from your initial campaign, so that it will only reach new playlists. 

  • Improve your performance: you can use the feedback from your initial campaign to help refine your targeting during the rerun.

How to setup your rerun:

  1. Go to the the results page of your campaign and click the “Extend Campaign” link section in the upper right.

2) On the next page you can setup your targeting and select your package.

For details on how to select your campaign packages, please read the campaign setup FAQ.

As noted: your campaign rerun will automatically exclude all of the curators that were targeted in your original campaign. 

Tips for setting up a successful rerun:

  • Use the feedback from curators on your initial campaign to help you determine which playlists to target and which playlists not to target.

  • Cast a large enough net to create momentum. The more playlists you target, the larger impact you are likely to have. Read our “How to set your campaign up for success” article fore more details.

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