Pre-Campaign Checklist

Follow these steps to make sure your campaign has the best chance of success.

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These are all listed in level of priority prior to your Playlist Push campaign. Follow all of these steps to help increase your campaign performance as well as digital presence.

1) Setup your Spotify for Artists account and do the following. 

Start by going to the Spotify for Artists website here:

-Setup a high quality artist profile photo. This is important since fans like to see a photo of the person behind the music. Also, humans resonate to photos of people, this will increase your chances of gaining new fans and playlist adds.

Before: artist has not added a profile photo

After: nice photo :)

-Link your social accounts to your Spotify profile such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so fans can easily interact with you. Go to:
-Write a brief bio about yourself to help boost your SEO presence when people are searching for your music.

2) Be 100% sure your music has been mastered and is of high-quality

At Playlist Push, we work with high caliber talented artists who have very high quality music. To make sure you get the most out of your campaign and curators are not turning down your song based on sound quality make sure your song sounds great! 

3) Have Great Track Artwork.

This is not mandatory, however we often see artists that overlook this. Spotify is a very visual platform and sometimes people will click on track artwork just out of curiosity. Our campaigns are all about the music, but curators will see your track art too. If artwork has become an afterthought, look into stepping your game up and find a designer on websites like

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