What campaign date should I choose?

Help deciding what campaign start date to select.

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Background information regarding campaign start dates:

During the campaign setup, you will have the option to pick your campaign start date. 

The default date shown is the earliest date available for the genres you have selected. 

Note: Each genre has a certain amount of campaigns it can run per date before it reaches it capacity, this is why dates will become unavailable.

Strategy for picking your date:

Your song will be sent out to your targeted set of playlist curators for review at 9:30AM PT on the start date of your campaign. 

Curators can begin to add your song to their playlists starting on day 1 and will continue to be able to review and add until day 14 - the last day of your campaign two week campaign. After your song is added, curators can choose to leave it on for as short or as long as they wish.

This means, that you want to select a campaign start date that aligns with the time you want to push your music.

If you want to align your campaign start date with the launch of your song on Spotify, please read the section below.

Does my song need to be released before the campaign?

Yes. Your song must be released and live on Spotify before the morning of your campaign start date or earlier. This means the earliest date you should select is the day of your release.

Please note, if your song is not live on Spotify, you will not be able to set your Spotify Track during the campaign setup. This means you will need to update your campaign with the Spotify track link once your song is published.

Please read the articles below for more detail on setting your Spotify track and scheduling your campaign.

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