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Requirements & Guidelines:
The playlist requirements to qualify for Playlist Push
The playlist requirements to qualify for Playlist Push

Details on the minimum size and activity requirements to become a curator

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Before you can apply to become a PlaylistPush curator, you must own at least one playlist that meets all of the minimum requirements outlined below.Β 

Please do not submit an application if you do not have at least one playlist that meets ALL of the requirements.

Playlist Follower Size Requirement:

  • Minimum 1,000 followers per playlist

Playlist Listener Activity Requirements:

  • Minimum 30 Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

  • Minimum 1% Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

Strict No-Bot or Fake Followers Requirements:

  • No gained followers through follow gates or other online services

  • No bought fake followers/bots via an online marketplace or service

  • No bot followers or bot listening activity, fake followers or fake listening activity

  • All playlist followers must be 100% organic, real people, gained through natural growth

  • All listening activity must 100% organic, real people, generated from natural activity

We do not accept the following Playlist Types:

  • Movie / series soundtrack playlists

  • Playlists that change their title to attract followers

  • Playlists for a specific album, song, artist or band

  • Playlists focused on a specific decade (i.e. 80's playlist)

  • Sub for Sub Playlists

  • Playlists with "follow me" in the title

The Playlist Push curator program is only available
for people living in North America and Europe.

Strict Account Removal Policy:

Any accounts or playlists found to violate the curator requirements, guidelines, or any other prohibited activity, at any time, will be removed from Playlist Push immediately and any pending payments will be forfeited. We reserve the right to remove a playlist/account at any given time with prior notice.

It is extremely important that all requirements and guidelines are followed at all times to protect the integrity of the platform and ensure all artists are being connected to only 100% authentic and compliant curators.

If you do not have a playlist with followers already, you cannot become a curator. Please do not ask "how can I get more followers" because starting a playlist and getting up to 1,000 followers takes a lot of time and effort.

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