Why can't I set my Spotify Track Link?

Your song must be released and live on Spotify to set the Spotify URI Link. Go into your campaign and set the link on release day.

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Don’t be alarmed if you cannot set your Spotify track. It’s OK - this is completely normal if your song has not been released (i.e. set live, published) yet on Spotify. Please read on for steps to handle this scenario.

If your song is not live yet, you must wait until it is released to set your track in your campaign settings. Then you will simply need to set the track on release day before 9:30AM PT to ensure your campaign starts on time. 9:30AM PT is the cutoff time for when tracks must be sent out to curators on campaign launch day.

Note, if you try to set your Spotify track in your campaign settings before your song is released on Spotify you will receive an error message. Our platform cannot send out your song to curators until your song is live on Spotify.

If you are not able to set your Spotify Track on the campaign start day you are still OK - however your campaign start date will be pushed back slightly. In this scenario, as soon as you set your Spotify track, your campaign will be automatically rescheduled for the next available start date.

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