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Why was my playlist or account removed?

We remove all playlists and accounts that do not meet our playlist requirements and curator guidelines

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If your playlist was excluded or your account was blocked, this means that your playlist does not meet the Playlist Requirements or your account activity was found to be in violation of the Curator Guidelines.ย 

Most common reasons why playlists are removed:

  • Fake/bot followers or streams

  • Inactive playlists (followers/listeners falling below requirements)

  • Playlists includes primarily only one artist or album

  • Playlists for a movie or series soundtrack

  • Playlists changing titles to attract followers

Most common reasons why accounts are removed:

  • Not reviewing songs / become an inactive curator

  • Not actually listening to songs / writing irrelevant reviews

  • Writing duplicate review copy

  • Soliciting Playlist Push artists to contact you outside of the platform

  • Creating multiple accounts

New curator signups are checked within a 48 hours to see if they meet our playlist requirements. Then we closely monitor all accounts for suspicious activity with automated and manual systems.

Curators removed shortly after signing up:

If your account was removed shortly after you signed up or after you've requested your first payout, it means we've checked your account and your playlists do not meet our requirements to join the network.ย 

Please note: we maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy for excluding playlists and blocking accounts. This is designed to protect the integrity of the platform and ensure all artists are being connected to only 100% authentic and compliant curators.ย 

Except in rare cases, once removed your playlist or account will not be reconsidered for Playlist Push.

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