How many playlists will my song be added to?

The number of playlist adds varies based on many factors including the number of playlists targeted and the strength of the song.

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The number of playlists a song will be added to with vary between each campaign based on several factors including how many total playlists your campaign is targeting, the strength of your song, and style of your song.

Please note: results are not guaranteed, curators are in full discretion of whether they choose to add songs or not.

How the number of playlists targeted affects your playlist adds:

The higher the number of playlist curators that your song is sent to, the more opportunities you will have to be added to playlists. When you setup your campaign and select your genres, you will see the number of playlists targeted. This number shows how many curators your song will be sent to. 

How the strength and style of your song affects your playlist adds:

Ultimately, curators will choose to place your song on their playlist if they like the song and feel its a good fit. For example, a strong track that is a great fit for the genres selected, will generally receive more playlist adds than a weaker track, that’s not well aligned with the genres selected.

Why the number of playlists is not the most important stat:

While getting added to a lot of playlists is great. Each playlist add will generate different results, sometimes getting added to just one playlist, that has a large reach and is great fit, can have a huge impact. 

Is my song guaranteed to be added to playlists?

While most campaigns lead to playlist adds, Playlist Push cannot guarantee that your song will be added to any playlists. The curators are in 100% control of playlist adds:

Our platform helps get your music be heard by the playlist curators, however, then it is up to them if they choose to add you to their playlist. 

It’s very important to the integrity of our platform and that curators have full creative and artistic control over their playlists.

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