Reputation Score Overview:

Your Reputation Score determines how much you will be paid for each review you submit. Your Total Score = Base Score + Playlist Score.

You have one Base Score and a different Playlist Score for each playlist that you manage. 

When an artist targets their song to more than one of your playlists, your Total Score = Base Score + The Combined Playlist Scores of each playlist targeted. 

For each review you submit, your Score/Reward is calculated at the time of the review.

You can view the Playlist Score for each of your playlists on the “Playlists” section of your curator dashboard.

You can view your Base Score and Maximum Score on the “Score” section of your curator dashboard. 

Maximum Score/Max Fee Details:

The Maximum Score/Fee shown on your "Score Section" is the highest potential Score/Reward that a curator can receive.  You will only receive the Max Score/Reward if a song targets all of your playlists.

Base Score Details:

Your base score starts at zero and increased each time that you help an artist get discovered on Spotify. 

When you see the “Helping artist get discovered” notification in your account, this means that your playlist was listed as one of the top 5 playlists shown on the artist’s About Page on Spotify. Please note, this will not happen every time you add a song to your playlist.

When you receive the “Helping artist get discovered” notification, the number next to the notification, for example +200 is the increase in base score you will receive. 

This number is equal to the amount of listeners that discovered the artist from your playlist multiplied by 2. 

For example, if an artist you added to one of your playlists was discovered by 100 listeners from your playlist, you will received +200 points to your Base Score.

Playlist Score Details:

Each Playlist you manage receives its own Playlist Score. The Playlist Score equals the Active Monthly Listeners for the playlist multiplied by 10. For example if the playlist has 200 active listeners, your Playlist Score will be 2,000.

Playlist Push  accesses actual Spotify listener data for your playlist and calculates the Active Monthly Listeners for each of your playlists

The Active Monthly Listeners number shown for your playlists is the average number of listeners measured across all of the songs in your playlist that have been on the playlists for at least two weeks.

Your score is based on the last 28 days of listening data and is updated every 3 - 7 days. Since the amount of people listening to your playlist is always changing, it is normal for your Playlist Score to change regularly.

Note: if your Active Monthly Listeners has not been measured yet, your Playlist Score will equal the playlist followers divided by 4

Why did I receive less than my Max Fee?

As mentioned, your Max Score/Max Fee is only obtained if a song is targeted to all of your playlists. 

Additionally, your reward fee is calculated at the time you reviewed the song, so if your reputation score increased after the time of your review, this will not be reflected in your payment amount.

Why did my Reputation Score Decrease?

It is possible for your Reputation Score to decrease if any of your Playlist Score's decrease. This can happen when your Active Monthly Listeners decreases for a playlist.

How can I increase my Reputation Score?

The best way to increase your score is by proper use of the platform and maintaining healthy, active, and growing playlists will organically. Simply continue to add great new music when it fits your playlist, and ensure that your playlists are active and growing. 

Please note: you should not do anything to intentionally try to increase your score. Any manipulation of your reputation score is a violation of the Curator Guidelines and can lead to your immediate removal from Playlist Push at any time.

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