How many listeners a playlist brings you depends on a lot of factors:

  • which position you were added in the playlist
  • how long you were added to the playlist
  • how many of the playlist followers are still active
  • how often and how long people listen to the playlist

The position on which your song is placed in a playlist is very important, and of course the higher the better. People start dropping of at some point and this depends on what kind of playlist it is. For example a workout playlist people would probably drop off pretty quick (after 1 hour of music, which is 20 songs) but a chill out music  playlist or easy going people would probably listen to more songs in the playlist because they listen much longer.

The position and duration is determined by the curators, if a curator really likes your song a lot they would probably add it higher on the playlist and if the curator doesn't get bored of your song soon will keep in in there for a long time. Your song might move down the playlists at some point because the curator adds new songs higher than yours on his playlist.

Managing expectations
It's unrealistic to expect 5000 listeners from a playlist with 5000 followers. Please take in mind that on average playlists have an active listeners of 10% (even the Spotify official playlists). This means there are some lists that have 25% active followers but also lists that have 1% active followers. Please note that if we notice that a list has 1% active following we remove them from our database to avoid disappointment from our artists.

You were added to a playlist with 50.000 followers, let's say this is an good playlist so 10% is active, which means it will generate 5000 listeners per month. But that 5000 listeners is on position #1, if your song get's added to position #50 you might only get 1000 plays in a month or less (again this is playlist dependent by how long people actually listen to that specific playlist)

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