Some TikTok sounds will now have one "Top Video" winner selected by the artist to receive a bonus reward. This gives creators a chance to earn additional fees on these campaigns.

How to view the unlockable bonus reward for a sound?

On your "Available Sounds" page, you will see the potential bonus on sounds where this is available. Note: not all sounds will have a bonus reward.

How much are the bonus rewards?

The bonus rewards start at $50 and will vary depending on the sound. Your bonus will be paid in addition to your regular fee per video.

How and when is the winner selected?

The artist running the campaign chooses the winner by selecting their favorite video. This means that making the best video that follows the concept and helps promote the song will help you win.

When is the winner selected?

Winners will be selected 7 days after the campaign ends. If you win, the bonus reward will be added to your balance at this time.

Most campaigns last 14 days. This means if you submit a video on the first day of the campaign, the winner would be selected in 21 days.

Note: some campaigns will last longer that 14 days if they still need more videos to be made.

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