During your campaign setup you will see the estimated videos and views for your campaign.

When you adjust the pricing slider you will see the videos and views change accordingly. You can expect to receive at least the minimum number of videos shown.

How long will the videos be?

Videos will be 10-15 seconds long. This is the top performing length for TikTok. We cannot require videos to longer than 15 seconds.

How many videos from Playlist Push creators will you receive?

You can expect to receive the minimum amount of videos shown during your campaign setup. This number reflects the amount of videos made by our creators, it does not count any additional videos that are made organically during the campaign.

How many views will be generated?

For views, the numbers shown during your budget selection are estimates based on the performance of previous campaigns of your size.

Most campaigns exceed the smallest number shown, however these view estimates are not guaranteed.

This number reflects the amount of views from videos made by our influencers using your sound. It does not count views that may come from additional organic videos that are made organically during the campaign.

How Many Paid Additional organic videos and views should you expect?

While our top campaigns can receive many additional organic videos and views, these are not guaranteed and should be expected.

Whether additional videos are made relies on many factors including size of budget, strength of song, concept, and the unpredictable nature of the TikTok algorithm.

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