On November 10th we made two updates to Reputation Score to improve the platform.

1) Base Score Points will be gained each time you receive a compliment from an artist.

When an artist runs a campaign they can submit curator compliments or complaints via the "Respond to This Review" feature. This means that if an artist submits a compliment you will Receive Reputation score points (i.e. "Top Placement") along with the points added under your Reputation Activity.

We made this change to encourage curators to write thoughtful reviews that are most helpful for artists.

2) Base Score points will be deducted for each song that is not reviewed before it expires. 

This means that if you do not review a song within two weeks from receiving it, you will see a "Did not Review Song" notice along with the points deduction under your Reputation Activity.

We made this change to help ensure that artists are getting the most value from using Playlist Push. Since curators have 2 weeks to respond and review a song, we hope curators will aim to review all songs received.

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