We have a new feature that allows you to report a curator when you have an issue with their review activity. 

This feature was designed to hold curators to a higher standard and improve the quality of reviews that artists receive. 

Additionally it helps us to identify and remove any curators that are not supporting the mission of the platform.

Below are the steps for reporting a curator:

1). Go to the curator's review on your results page and click “View details”

2). Click "Report this curator", complete the form and hit "Submit report"

After you submit your report we will review within 1 business day and take the appropriate action with the curator.

Issues to report:

Curators Going around the platform:
We strongly encourage artists to report any curators that are contacting you directly outside of Playlist Push and/or asking for payments outside of the platform (this is prohibited). Use the "Going around the platform" button and include details in the additional info section.

Curators not listening to your song:
If you believe the curator didn't actually listen to your song based on the content review, use the "Review not real" button and explain in the additional info section.

Any other issues:
For any other issues that you believe warrant a report, please use the "Other" button and explain in detail in the additional info section.

We greatly appreciate your help and support in improving the platform. 

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