On May 1st we made two updates to Reputation Score and Review Rewards/Fees

1) Base Score will now be calculated by your most recent 90 days of curator activity instead of your lifetime activity.

Your Base Score is now comprised only of the total points earned in the last 90 days, instead of all points earned in your curator lifetime. 

This means that staying active and engaged at all times is now very important for maintaining and growing your score.

Note: this change does not affect your Playlist Score which is based on Active Monthly Listeners. 

2) We’ve increased the fees/rewards you will receive at each curator level. 

It will now take total less points to achieve higher payouts. This means you can move up the curator levels faster. However, as mentioned in #1, you will need to remain engaged and active since points earned after 90 days will expire. You can see the new Points Thresholds below.

Why did we make these updates?

These changes designed to encourage more engaged curator activity, while increasing your potential to earn more money per review.

For artists to get the value they deserve from their paid campaigns, it’s important that curators remain active and engaged. 

We found that calculating the score based on lifetime total points, was leading many curators with large scores to become less active and engaged.

By reducing the duration of Base Score activity to 90 days, and increasing the Rewards/Fees for each score level, curators can earn more than ever as long as they stay consistently engaged in healthy curator activity.

Why did my score decrease after the update?

It’s normal if you score decreased when this change was made. Prior to the change, your Base Score included all of the points you had accumulated since joining Playlist Push. 

Now that Base Score is based on your last 90 days of activity, curators who have been with Playlist Push for longer than 90 days are likely to see a short-term reduction in Base Score points.

While, we understand this may be frustrating for some of our long-time curators, this will be beneficial to your long-term success as a Playlist Push curator. 

More engaged curators will improve the overall experience for artists, and the more value delivered to artists, the more songs you can expect to receive as the platform grows.

Additionally, increasing the fees per point level makes it easier for you to reach these levels as long as you remain active and engaged. 

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