Artists are spending their hard-earned money to use Playlist Push. It’s very important that curators give their songs thoughtful consideration and always write high-quality reviews. 

Artists are paying to receive your expert opinion. While they may not always receive a playlist add from you, they can get a lot of value from your review. Reviews are an opportunity to give artists valuable insight and advice.

When all curators commit to writing high-quality reviews everyone wins, including your bank account. 

This is because high-quality reviews lead to a better customer experience for Artists. Better customer experiences leads to more artist campaigns, and more songs for you to review. 

How to write high-quality reviews:

Always show that you listened carefully to the song with detailed feedback:

  • Describe elements of the song
  • Explain what you liked or disliked about the song
  • Provide feedback that can help the artist improve

Always explain why you added the song to your playlist:

  • Your review should show that you listened to the song express why you liked it

Always explain why you did not add the song to your playlist: (example categories below):

  • Did not fit your personal style and tastes
  • Did not fit the genre of your playlists
  • The production quality wasn’t good enough
  • Song quality wasn’t good enough

Prohibited Review Activity:

  • No submitting duplicate review text (copy and paste from other reviews)
  • Do not give 5-Star Reviews for songs you don’t add
  • Do not mention anything related to communicating with the artist directly or on any other platform.

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