The best way to increase your score is by proper use of the platform and maintaining healthy, active, and growing playlists organically. 

Increasing Your Base Score: 

The more songs you add, and the longer they remain on your playlist, the greater chance that you will receive a "Helping artists get discovered" points increase. 

As mentioned in the Base Score Details, you will not receive an increase every time you add a song to your playlist.

Increasing Your Playlist Score: 

When the Active Monthly Listeners for a playlist increases, the Playlist Score for that playlist will increase. Organically growing your playlist and engaging your followers to keep them listening will increase your playlist score. 

Please note: Any manipulation of your Reputation Score is a violation of the Curator Guidelines and can lead to your immediate removal from Playlist Push at any time.

You should not do anything to intentionally try to increase your Reputation score. This should only be done with natural use of the platform.

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