Playlist genre basics:

As a curator, each of your playlists will be associated with specific genres. When an artist runs a  campaign that targets one of the genres associated with your playlist, your song may be sent to you for review. 

How are my playlist genres determined?

Each genre tagged your playlist is auto-determined from the songs in your playlist using Spotify’s built-in tagging of over 1800 genres. Note, each song can have multiple genres associated with it by Spotify.

When you join PlaylistPush, our technology scans all of the songs in your playlist and determines which genres appear the most in your playlist. Additionally, your playlists are re-scanned and genres updated on a weekly basis.

The genres that appear with the highest frequency in your playlists will become the genres that are tagged to your playlist. These are the genres you will receive songs for.

Please note, that your playlist will have multiple genres associated with it, and depending on the targeting used by an artist, you may receive songs to review for genres that are not your most common genre, but may be your 2nd or 3rd most common genre.

For example if your playlist is mostly Rap, but includes some R&B, you will receive mostly Rap songs to review, however you may receive some R&B songs when an artist uses our “Broad Targeting” feature.

Can I manually change the genres tagged to my playlist?

No. Since the genre tagging process is 100% automated, manually changing your genres is not possible.

Please note, any intentional manipulation of the genre targeting system in an attempt to change your genres is prohibited and can lead to immediate removal from PlaylistPush.

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