For curator payouts, we have switched to TransferWise (from PayPal) which deposits directly into your bank account offering faster transfer times and reduced payout fees (gets you paid faster and saves you money).

TransferWise uses the real exchange rate and charges minimal fees, while PayPal charged us 3.5% in fees and uses higher exchange rates (so basically PayPal is more expensive)

How to calculate your payout fees and exchange rate:
You can use the calculator on TransferWise to see how much you receive (make sure to select "Wire transfer" in the calculation for 0 fee there)


Reduce Your Fees By Waiting to Request Larger Payouts:
Don't request a payout for small amounts, because for every transaction there's a base fee which you'll be charged with. Requesting 5 separate payouts of $100 will make you lose more in fees than one payout of $500.

For example:
5 separate payouts of $20 can cost you 5x $2.50 = $12.50 in fees,
while one payout of $100 will only cost you $3.50 in fees.

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