1) Ensure your song’s sound-quality is professional level

Playlist curators have high-standards for their playlists. Even a great song, may not be given a chance if it’s sound quality is not up to par. This means your song should be mixed and mastered at professional level.

2) Select a song that is proven to resonate with listeners.

Songs that are professional quality and have proven to connect with listeners can have great success on PlaylistPush. However, even If your song is professionally mixed and mastered, if it doesn’t resonate with listeners, it is not likely to have great success on Playlist Push.

Curators will only select songs that they genuinely enjoy and believe their listeners will enjoy.

To help select a winning song, make sure that you have indicators to show that it connects with listeners. This can be determined by reviewing the song’s existing traction on Spotify or other platforms (i.e. blogs, youtube). If your song has not been available to the public yet, you can get feedback from your team to help make this decision.

3) Determine that your song is good fit for the genres in the PlaylistPush network.

PlaylistPush has over 1600 genres in its network and will likely have playlists that match your song’s style, however if your song happens to be in a very small niche genre, we may not have enough Playlists in our network to successfully promote it.

Since our network is growing with new curator sign ups everyday, the best way to see if your song will be a good fit, is to go through the free campaign setup process. During this process you can target your genres and see how many playlists your campaign would reach.

4) Target the best genres for your song

During the campaign process, make sure to target genres that are aligned with the musical style of your song. It’s important not to rush this step. See the campaign setup FAQ for instructions on how to select your genres.

If you see a genre appear during your campaign setup that you are not familiar with, you can go to everynoise.com and search for that genre, then click on it to listen to songs of that type.

5) Target enough Playlists 

After selecting a great song and targeting the best genres, it’s important to make sure that enough curators will get to hear your song. In general, campaigns that target a higher number of playlists will generate more playlist adds than a smaller campaign. You will determine the amount playlists targeted during the free campaign setup process.

6) Review the Pre-campaign checklist

Review the article below and ensure you’ve completed each step

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