Below are the three most common reasons why you may not be receiving songs to review.

Your playlist has not been checked yet:

If you signed up recently, it is normal not to be receiving reviews yet. It can take up to one week for your playlist to be checked.

Whenever an artist requests your review we will notify you by email and show it on your Reviews Page

Make sure your email address is correctly set here.

No songs have targeted your playlists recently:

You will only receive songs to review when an artist runs a campaign that targets your playlist genres. 

Since every artist's campaign targeting is different, the amount of reviews you receive will to fluctuate. It's normal to have some days with no requests, and some days with several requests.

Your playlist was excluded:

If you are not receiving reviews, you should check if your account and/or your playlists have been excluded from the network. 

If your playlist was excluded this usually means the playlist did not meet our requirements.

Accounts are exclude from the network when there are not enough playlists on the account that meet our guidelines or your account has violated our curator guidelines in some way.

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