To calculate the Active Monthly Listeners for each of your playlists, we access and measure the actual Spotify listening data of your playlist.

The Active Monthly Listeners is the average number of listeners measured across all of the songs in your playlist, based on the previous 28 days of data. 

Note: Playlist Push only measures songs that have been in your playlist for at least two weeks

Active Monthly Listeners impact on your Reputation Score:

Your Active Monthly Listeners determines your Playlist Score for each of your playlists. 

This is one of the core factors in determining your Reputation Score. To learn more about Reputation Score - read our Reputation Score FAQ.

Active Monthly Listeners and Playlist Minimum Requirements:

Playlist Push also uses your Active Monthly Listeners to determine if your playlist meets the minimum requirements to qualify for Playlist Push. 

If your Active Monthly Listeners is below 20 or 1% of playlist followers your playlist will not be considered for the platform. 

Once you are accepted to the platform, if the Active Monthly Listeners falls below these requirements at any time, your playlist will be removed from the platform immediately.

How to View Your Active Monthly Listeners:
There is no way to view your Active Monthly Listeners before applying to become a curator. 

After you apply, if you are accepted, your Active Monthly Listener data will become available 7-14 days after being accepted. 

After your playlist data has synced, you can view your Active Monthly Listeners on “Your Playlists” section of the curator dashboard. Simply divide your Playlist Score shown in the “Score” column by 10. 

Your Active Rate:

You can also view your “Active Rate” on the “Your Playlists” section. Your rate corresponds to the percentages shown below. 

  • Very good -  more than 20% is still listening
  • Good - between 10% and 20% is still listening
  • Average - between 5% and 10% is still listening
  • Low - between 1% and 5% is still listening
  • Too low - less than 1% is still listening (this means we will exclude that playlist from our network)
  • Unknown - We haven't checked your listeners yet, or we were unable to

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