Because Spotify doesn't really show playlist owners statistics to know if their playlist is actually still active, it important to check if you are doing anything wrong to avoid losing your followers interest. Also read: How active is my playlist?

#1 Buying followers
I think this speaks for itself, but I still see a lot of people doing it. Do not buy followers for your playlist, because buying followers gives you nothing! You now have a list that says 100.000 followers? Great!? If you add a song to your list, you might be lucky to generate 5 listeners a month. Whats the value in that? nothing.

Don't use services that promises they can bring you "genuine, authentic or real followers" because we haven't seen any service out there that can actually provide that. 

Don’t create a playlist that contains a lot of songs.
Quick answer: between 100 to 200 tracks would be good, please read more about the reasons why here.

Don’t force people to follow your playlist
Don’t use follow gates or other way the force people to follow your playlist, it will of course give you a boost in new followers, but these people will follow your playlist only because it’s required, most of them will not actually listen to your playlist.

Don’t put all kinds of music in one playlist
Keep your playlists focussed on a type of person, and don’t just randomly add any song to your playlist. Maybe you have an eclectic music taste, but that doesn’t mean your followers have that too. We see users adding all kinds of really different tracks to their playlist, probably because they have people pay them for a playlist add. Which btw is also against Spotify’s terms of use, so you should never do that.

Don’t change your playlist name just to attract new followers
We see curators changing their playlist according to whats going one at that time, for example changing the list name to “Ultra 2018” and then a month later to “Coachella”. This will probably help you get new followers, but most of those followers will stop listening to your playlist as soon as you change the name to something else.

Imaging you start following a playlist which is called “Ultra 2018” and you listen to it regularly, but at some point you don’t see that playlist in your account anymore because the name changed. You might see a “Coachella” list but you’ve never followed it, the changes that you will actually start listening to it will be quite small.

Update your playlist regularly
Don’t update your playlist once a year with a couple new tracks, really take the time to update your list at least once a month with a couple fresh new tracks. And as mentioned in the first paragraph, adding new songs to the end of your playlist gives the impression to your followers that your playlist hasn’t really changed and you might lose them.

Find those undiscovered artists
It’s easy to just add the most popular trending tracks to your playlist, if people want that, then they’ll just listen to Spotify’s Top Hist playlists. Find that indie artist that has great music and share it with your followers, and of course thats what we here at PlaylistPush are trying to supply.

Also read: How active is my playlist?

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