On average about 10% of followers of a playlist is still listening to the playlist, if less than 1% of the listeners are still listening we consider that a "dead" playlist (and we'll exclude that playlist/account from our network)

You can check on artists profiles if your playlists is in their "discovered on" section on their "About" page.  Check lesser known artists that you have in your playlist to make sure your playlist shows up because Spotify only shows the top 5 playlists.

Here's the reference for when we show your playlists active rate:

  • Very good - ┬ámore than 20% is still listening
  • Good - between 10% and 20% is still listening
  • Average - between 5% and 10% is still listening
  • Low - between 1% and 5% is still listening
  • Too low - less than 1% is still listening (this means we will exclude that playlist from our network)
  • Unknown - We haven't checked your listeners yet, or we were unable to
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