Before applying, please read the following to determine if you qualify.

Curator Requirements:

To qualify as a curator for PlaylishPush you need a Spotify account with at least 400 real followers and generate at least 20 monthly listeners.

If you do not have a playlist with followers already, you cannot become a curator.
Don't ask us "
how can I get more followers" because starting a playlist and getting up to 400 followers  takes a lot of time and effort.

We have a strict policy against all of the following:

  • bought fake followers/bots via a online marketplace or service
  • gained followers through follow gates or other online services
  • accounts that are buying playlists or Spotify accounts
  • accounts from people living in the Philippines or India.
  • generate less than 20 monthly listeners

Your followers must be authentic, accumulated over time by real people on the Spotify platform. 

We remove account immediately if we notice that the followers are fake or bought.

To apply to become a curator, signup here:

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